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☆ [Hetalia]: Foreign Exchanges

Title: Foreign Exchanges
Author: Jubilee
Characters/Pairings: America x Japan, Netherlands because he's boss.
Rating: K+
Genre: Romance - Friendship
Warnings/Notes: Nothing. Written for abarero from the Ameripan Secret Santa 2010. Uhm, I'm actually one of the pinch hitters since...there were complications with the original person who was going to write this, and thus this person wasn't able to write it for you, so I took the prompt instead. I'm not used to writing...er non-AU's ha ha, but I tried my best, so I hope you like it! I'm also sorry this is so late! orz
Summary: Netherlands' warning Japan about America had made him cautious and expectant of the blonde to be an annoyance, but he is far from what his Dutch friend made him out to be once he steps foot into his house.


It wasn't every day that Japan had two other Nations visit his home at the same time. He was usually alone and holed up in his room, especially during this time where western powers were trying to spread their influence to the rest of the world.

"So, is this…America person you've told me about that…childish and obnoxious?" Japan asked Netherlands. The latter was sitting across from him, smoking a pipe.

"From my knowledge, yes. It's best if you stay cautious around him."

"Well…all right."

"He's coming today isn't he?"

"Y-Yes…" Japan twiddled his thumbs. "You don't have to see him though. You can…perhaps relax in another room?"

"That's fine." He stood up from his sitting position. "Well then, I guess I'll keep myself out of the way while you get acquainted with him. I'm sure he's going to want to talk about a lot of things." Netherlands left the room and Japan could hear him walking away to his own room where he let him stay at in his spacious house.

"Japan!" an official shouted from outside his door.


"The Americans have arrived. We tried to lure them away saying that we only spoke Dutch, but they came prepared and brought a Dutch translator…"

This America person must be smart, Japan thought to himself. "Very well. I will…go and speak with them."

"You need to only speak with their Nation, since the rest of their company is already conversing with ours."

"Oh, well then where is he?"

"He's at the harbor. I'm here to escort you there."

"Okay, I'll be right out."

Japan wondered if this America was as unpleasant as Netherlands had described him. He was actually afraid to find out for himself, but it was his job as a Nation to greet and meet with others like himself.


When arriving at the harbor, Japan saw some of his people already conversing with their guests. He wasn't shocked with their appearances, since Netherlands had already been here with him, so a hair and eye color other than black or brown didn't shock him anymore.

The official that brought him to the harbor led Japan over to a young man who was rather tall. He had a cheery smile and sunny vibe coming from him. "Excuse me," said the official to him.

"Oh, you're back!"

"This is our Nation, just like you." He gestured towards Japan with a hand, and the small Nation walked up next to him. "I'll leave you two alone to get acquainted."

"Alright, thanks!" The other man bowed and left to return to his previous engagement. The tall blonde looked down at Japan, the other looking up. Their height difference really was amazing.

"Hey there!" said the blonde. "I'm America! Nice to meet you!" He held out a hand. Japan shyly took it.

"H-Hello. I am Japan. It's a pleasure…to have finally met you America-san."

"Ha ha, wow, I didn't expect you to be so small!"

Japan wondered if this was what Netherlands meant by America "speaking before thinking". "It is not that I am small. It's just you are too tall."

America laughed, somewhat obnoxiously. "Okay, whatever you say! I still think you're plenty cute because of it!"

A pink blush began to spread on Japan's face since it was rare anybody ever called him cute or complimented him for that matter. America looked concerned and wondered if he was ill. "Hey are you alright?" He put a hand to the other's forehead and with a sincerely concerned expression asked, "Do you have a fever? Your face feels sorta hot."

The blush only spread and deepened in color. Up close, Japan noticed that his new acquaintance was quite attractive, probably one of the most handsome people he had ever met. "N-No…I-I'm fine."

"Oh, well okay then. If you feel sick, just tell me and I'll try to help you out however I can!"

"Yes, I-I-I will make sure to notify you if that happens."

"My guys are talking with your guys about relations and politics and all that jazz, but I don't really care about that."


"I wanna learn about your culture! This is the first time I've been to this country. I'm curious to see what it holds!" Japan couldn't believe he was so enthusiastic about learning something from another country.

"Well, if you'd like, we can go to my residence so…I may speak with you about my culture and customs America-san."

"Sounds great!" He picked up a suitcase from his side. "I also brought some stuff that I think you might find interesting!"

"Oh, well, okay. Uhm, well let's get going."

"Okay! Gee, exchanging of cultures! This is awesome!"


America had talked Japan's head off on the way to the latter's house. It was mostly about whales and making friends with animals, but every now and then America's eyes would sparkle at the things he saw outside on the way over to his acquaintance's abode.

"Uhm, well this is my home."

"Wooow your house is huge! It looks so cool!"

"Th-Thank you…" Japan opened the door. "You may come inside. Uhm, but if you don't mind…can you please take off your shoes and place them by the door?"

"Oh, well okay. Can I ask why though?"

"It is something we do here in Japan. I'll explain later."

"Sounds good!"

Japan closed the door as America placed his shoes near the entrance. He was still highly fascinated with Japan's house. He found it to be grand and because it was foreign, he was instantly in love with it.

"Uhm, I have some tea… Would you like some America-san? I-I-I don't know if we have another beverage you might enjoy…"

"Tea sounds good! Thanks!"

Japan smiled a bit. "Okay. Uhm, you can wait here in this room." He led him to a room near the backyard. The sliding door had been opened, showing the beautiful garden Japan tended too. America looked at it in awe. "Sweet room you have here. Such nice scenery!"

"Th-Thank you. I shall go make the tea now."


America waited patiently in front of the low table. He closed his eyes listening to the birds chirping outside and the fresh breeze coming into the room. It really was peaceful and it felt nice to take a break from the hustle and bustle of his own country. Japan came back with a tray of tea shortly and watched America as he continued to close his eyes. He looked deeply content as the smile had never left his face ever since he stepped foot into the house. Japan found his childlike happiness and enthusiasm to be quite pleasant, and it only made himself smile looking at America's relaxed expression.

When he found himself staring for too long, he became embarrassed and the redness returned to his face. "Uhm…I brought the tea."

America opened his bright blue eyes and grinned. "Awesome." He raised an eyebrow. "Your face is red again. Are you sure you're feeling well?"

"Y-Yes don't mind me." He set down the tray and joined America at the table. He poured some for the both of them in the cups.


"You're welcome." Both took sips of the tea, America trying hard not to down it in fear of disrespect since he wasn't sure how to drink tea in the first place.

It was quiet as America looked outside, the smile ever sunny and friendly as he enjoyed the scenery. Japan was enjoying the scenery too, but not the garden per say. He mentally slapped himself for staring yet again. Get a hold of yourself. This isn't the first time you have seen someone with a light complexion. Netherlands-san has visited before America-san, so you shouldn't be so fascinated!

America noticed Japan's eyes were tight shut like he was having a mental war inside his mind. He chuckled. "Are you okay Japan?"

The smaller man snapped out of fighting himself and looked timidly at his guest. "I am fine America-san. I promise."

"Well okay then."

It was silent for a few minutes since neither was sure what to say next. There were so many things America wanted to know about Japan, but he just didn't know where to begin. On Japan's end, the Asian simply couldn't look at America in the eyes for fear of blushing once more.

"So uh," America began. "I'm curious about that…that outfit you have on. It looked like a robe to me but I'm sure that's not what it is right?"

"Oh, you mean my yukata?"

"Is that what it's called?"


"Well it looks really comfy! I'd like to try it someday!"

"I…have an extra. Uhm…it's a little big though which is why I hardly wear it… Would you like to try it on?"

"Really?! That'd be awesome!"

"O-Okay, I shall go and retrieve it then. I'll be back shortly."

"Alright, I'll be here waiting!"

Japan didn't take long with searching for the extra outfit. He returned to the room with the extra. "Here you go."

America stood up and took it from his hands. "Thanks! Can I try it on now?"

"If you wish. Uhm, you may change in the restroom. It's not far from here. Let me show you." He walked him over to the destination. "The room we were at is just down the hall. I'll even leave the door open there so you can find it again."

"Okay, thanks!"

The older Nation returned back to the room, but after a few minutes America came back inside, only wearing his boxers and looking helpless as he held the yukata in his arms. "I…don't know how to put it on…"

Japan nearly exploded with embarrassment. He wasn't used to people being so free with their bodies. "P-Please America-san! You could have shouted from the restroom! There is no need f-for you to be walking around like that!"

"I'm sorry! I just don't know how to put it on! Can you help me please…?" He unintentionally gave Japan a puppy-dog face, something the host couldn't resist one bit.

"Okay, I will assist you in putting this on."


Japan tried not to look at anything but the yukata. His blush grew darker that it almost looked like if somebody had painted it on his face. He had never seen anybody show so much skin, so when he found his eyes wandering to look at the well-built physique of his guest, he almost wanted to sit outside to cool down, especially since America had taken off his glasses and he only looked more handsome without them on.

"There, it's finished."

"Wow, this really is comfy! Thank you Japan!"

"You're welcome."

"Oh, since we're showing each other our outfits, I wanted to show you one of my favorites! I brought it with me!" He ran over to his suitcase and opened it up. He took out some clothes and a hat.

Japan was interested. He had never seen an outfit like that before. "What is that?"

"These were the clothes I wore in my cowboy years. Those were some of the most fun years of my life ever."


"Oh, ah ha, I guess you don't know what a cowboy is. I'll explain it to you and some of my adventures!"

The two sat down and Japan listened patiently and intently as America began to recall the years he was a cowboy out in the Wild West. Japan wondered if this young man longed for those years again since he seemed to speak so highly of them.

"You seem to have led a very exciting life back then America-san."

"Yeah, being a cowboy was awesome. I used to get in trouble for it a lot though." He looked at the cowboy attire. "I'm sure this still fits. Want me to show you what I looked like back then?"

"Oh, well okay."

"Alright! And don't worry, I know how to put this on myself, so I won't come barging in here scaring you again."

Japan managed to give a small chuckle. "Okay."

America left and was in the bathroom for a few moments as he changed outfits. Japan took more sips of his tea and smiled. Things America had told him sounded so fascinating. He liked that he was so enthusiastic about many things and that he was just as eager to learn about the things of Japan.

He heard footsteps returning to the room, and he saw America standing in the doorway in a full cowboy outfit. He had taken off his glasses again.

"Howdy!" he said to Japan.

As if he didn't already look handsome enough, the cowboy outfit enhanced the blonde's attractiveness factor to whopping levels, something Japan tried to not pay attention to, until America asked, "Man, are you sure you're alright? It's like that fever keeps coming back because you always have a blush on your face! I could come back later if you're not feeling well."

"N-No! It's fine, honest! That is…just how my face is. I uhm…have naturally rosy cheeks."

"Oh! Ha ha! Well it looks cute on you!"

Japan wondered how much the rosy cheeks façade would take him since the streak across his face was now far beyond rosy.

"So what do you think? This is what I wore back then."

"It looks very nice on you America-san," Japan said shyly, trying hard not to let the blush grow.

"Why thank you!" He tipped his cowboy hat at Japan, which only made the small Nation even more timid and flustered. America walked over to Japan and placed the hat on his head. He smiled.

"You look cute in that hat."

"Uhm…th-thank you America-san…" He tried to hide his almost completely red face by placing the hat lower.

"Wow, I just noticed I've mostly been talking about myself for the past few hours or so! I'm sorry! I came here to learn more about you, and yet here I am blabbing my mouth off."

"It's quite alright. Your stories are interesting."

"Glad you think so!" He sat down, still in his cowboy outfit and asked, "So what about you Japan? I'm sure you have some awesome stories of your own to tell."

"No, I-I-I'm not very interesting…"

"Nonsense! Every country has interesting things about it! Aww, are you a shy person?"

"I-I-I…I suppose so…"

"Hee hee, well don't be Japan. I seriously would like to know about the cool stuff you do!"

"Are you…sure?"


Japan smiled at America's enthusiasm and excitement, which left him feeling secure and confident. "Okay. I hope I don't bore you."

"Political meetings, paperwork, and stuff like that bore me. Don't worry, I'm listening!"

"Okay then. Well, I guess I should start from the beginning."


It took hours for Japan to finish explaining lots of things of his various life experiences to America, since the latter still didn't know much about his culture, but he was interested and seemed genuine about it. Before either of them knew it, it was already dark and quite late.

"Ah!" Japan exclaimed. "I-I-I was not aware of the time! It is pitch black outside! I'm sorry to have kept you so late America-san!"

"It's okay! Really! I learned so much cool stuff! Ah ha, but my guys probably want to know where I am."

"Oh, I informed one of my officials that you were here so your party doesn't worry about you."

"Really? Thanks for that, because then I would have to hear complaining from my guys. Ha ha!" America yawned and stood up, stretching. "Well, I guess--"

"U-Uhm…if you'd like…you may stay here for the night. It is quite late after all. Th-That's only if you want to America-san. I don't want to sound pushy…"

"Ha ha! You really are adorable Japan! And I don't mind crashing here for the night."

"Oh, well, I can show you to a guest bedroom."


America followed Japan up the stairs to the second floor. He opened a door and said, "This is where you'll be staying."

"Oh cool, I get to sleep on the floor in one of those mattress things!"

Japan couldn't help but smirk at America's comment even if he didn't remember it was called a futon.

"Thanks for letting me stay here Japan." He placed his suitcase near the futon. "Hey, tomorrow can you show me like, some of the cool sites of your town?"

"Oh, well, okay. If that's what you want, then I'd be more than happy to escort you around."

"Yay! And one day when you visit my country, I'll take you to all the hotspots there!"

"Thank you America-san. I look forward to it."

"Awesome!" He gave him a hug, causing Japan to tense up at the contact. "Goodnight!" He gave him a kiss on the cheek. "That's how most people where I come from tell each other good night." He smiled a suspicious smile, as if he knew something, but maybe that's just how he smiled when he was sleepy, at least that's what the smaller Nation had hoped.

Japan stared at the closed door, his blush returning in full throttle, a hand on his cheek where America had kissed him. He walked down the hallway and passed several other rooms. Netherlands was leaning on the doorway of his own guest room, smirking at him.


"Nothing. Both of you were so talkative today."

"You heard everything?"

"Yes, and I also saw everything, like what just happened a few seconds ago."

Japan's face now resembled a tomato's skin color. Netherlands only became more amused. "I can tell you enjoyed your time with America. He seems to have brought out a side to you I didn't know existed. He's right though. You are cute, especially when you're crushing on somebody."

"I-I-I am not crushing on America-san!"

Netherlands chuckled. "Now when did I say I thought you were crushing on him? I never specified a person, Japan."

Japan for one looked flabbergasted as he felt himself being mentally pushed into a corner. "W-Well the point is that you lied. American-san has…has been very pleasant company and…he is quite the charming person."

"I can see that by how much you stutter and blush around him. So what do you plan to do on your date with him tomorrow?"

If it were possible, Japan would spout incoherent words as he was taken aback, like if some person were to smash their fingers into something like a typewriter or another device used for typing letters.

"Goodnight Netherlands-san." Japan quickly walked away to his own room, leaving Netherlands by himself. The taller man chuckled.

"I'm sure that this isn't the last time Japan will be flustered around that boy. How amusing." He took another smoke from his pipe. "Looks like you found yourself a life-long friend America. Thanks for that. Japan needs somebody like you to shine some light into his life."

He smiled as he walked back into his own room to get some much needed rest from his amusing day as a bystander.


A/N: I'm not sure what that traditional outfit Kiku wears often is called, so...it looks too plain to be a kimono, so I suppose it's a yukata? Dx Oh and I tried to combine all three of your prompts as best as I could. ^^; Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this one-shot! Again, I'm sorry it's so late.
Tags: !gift: foreign exchanges, »type: slash, ↳length: one-shot, ☆fandom: hetalia, ♥pairing: alfred x kiku

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  • ☆ [Homestuck]: Quality Time

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